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Make Whiter Teeth Your New Year’s Resolution

While everyone continues to make lofty New Year’s resolutions, why not use 2017 to work towards a small accomplishable goal? Plus, resolutions are always attainable when broken down into smaller goals. If you want to have a healthy 2017, don’t jump into a binding gym membership contract. Focus on having whiter teeth instead.

Use these tips from Morgan Dentistry to whiten your smile in 2017.

Drink Through a Straw

Typically, people hear that you have to cut out soda and coffee entirely in order to have whiter teeth. While cutting these drinks out of your diet will certainly help, there’s no need to go cold turkey. Instead, drink these beverages with a straw.

By doing so, you are minimizing the changes of the acidic liquid hitting the front of your teeth. As for hot beverages, such as coffee, drinking through a plastic straw doesn’t sound appealing, right? Try bamboo straws!

Eat Apples

There’s a reason apples are known as nature’s toothbrush. Aside from driving doctor’s away, eating apples can help whiten your teeth. Although an apple is never an alternative to brushing your teeth, the crunchiness of the apple and the fibrous skin help to clean your teeth as you eat them.

With this in mind, remember that apples do contain natural sugars and are acidic. No need to go overboard on apple consumption with the goal of whiter teeth!


This little piece of string can be the difference between having stained or white teeth. Flossing helps to remove remnants of previous meals from your teeth. The longer those pesky bits of food stay there, the longer you leave bacteria in your mouth. Not only does floss help to keep your smile healthy, it eliminates potential bacteria that could stain your teeth.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Without cosmetic assistance, it’s difficult to have a whiter smile without visiting your dentist. During a regular check-up, a dentist examines your teeth for anything unhealthy or detrimental to your smile. They’ll also get rid of as much plaque as possible and polish up the pearly whites for you.

Without this cleaning, your teeth won’t be in top shape. Without tip-top teeth, how do you expect to whiten them?

For more assistance on keeping your smile brighter during the new year, give our office a call and set up your next appointment.